Year: 2014

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Saturdays are meant for lounging around and kicking your feet up on the couch, or running errands all across town. For me, it’s been a day of rest and relaxation. What better way to start the day than with a fruit & greek yogurt parfait while rewatching the entire seasons of Gossip Girl on Netflix? I’ll hold as you think of an answer 🙂 Brunch for 1, anyone? I layered some Yoplait Greek yogurt and Bear Naked triple berry granola all in a little goblet and watched as B and S plotted their next scheme against each other… season 1. Let the games begin!

Christmas Goodies

Christmas — one of the happiest times of the year. Crazy that we anticipate it for months and it quickly comes and goes in a matter of 48 hours. So, what’s the best part about those two day? Good food, great company and some stellar gifts! Take a look at some of the goodies I received this holiday season!

Stuffed Mushrooms

Here is one of the tastiest and easiest foods you’ll ever make! These stuffed mushrooms are a big hit and take a few ingredients to make in little time. The recipe is for 20, but I’d suggest doubling it because these will be gobbled up quickly! My boyfriend even used this recipe and brought them to Christmas Eve dinner — and everyone loved them! I, of course, had him save me a few which I actually ate today and let me tell you, I wish there was more. These are good warm right out of the oven and still taste just as good as leftovers, cooled straight from the fridge.

Good Eats: Saturday Date Night

Saturdays are the best — you can sit around and do nothing or use the time to run errands. I, for one, did both! Late start to my day but I feel super accomplished. There’s been two bags of clothes and shoes sitting in my car for months with the intent to donate them. Finally, I searched the area for places to donate these items and found REACH, a transitional living/shelter for youths in Flint. My boyfriend and I brought a lot of good stuff — spread the love! Then it was lunchtime! For those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought you might want to see my Saturday food indulgences because they were just as good as they look!

Six Favorites on My Playlist: ‘Blank Space’ Renditions

“New money, suite and tie, I can read you like a magazine…” Sound familiar? If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, or even if you’re not, you have to give these Blank Space renditions a listen! I’ve personally been a big fan, ever since she was discovered. Yep, back when she was a young & innocent country star with her curly gold locks. If looks could kill, she’d be doing it. Every time I wear my wool-felt fedora and cherry red lipstick I feel like I’m owning the T. Swift look. She may be crazy in concert but she sure does know how to please her fans! Really, though, she rocked the country genre and is doing so in pop as well… easy transition for this lady.

Cold Weather Must-Haves

It’s been a tolerable Michigan winter so far, and I hope it stays this way! Okay, winter doesn’t officially start until Sunday but I’ve broken out my winter boots a couple times already but I’d be totally fine tucking them away for the season… if only. So to prepare myself for the the chilly weather to come, I’ve invested in some essential cold weather items.

Six Favorites On My Playlist

Music can be an outlet to another world, mood or feeling. With all of the various genres out there and new songs being released everyday, there aren’t that many that I’d add to my favorites playlist. Is it just me, or are the songs from the ’90s and early 2000s better than the ones we’re hearing today? I’m really into country, pop and indie rock — but am generally open to whatever. Below are six of my favorite songs right now that I can literally play on repeat. Yeah, I’d add Blank Space by Taylor Swift to this list too but that’s too obvious! New or old, this is what I’m swayin’ to:

Fish Burritos with Avocado Lime “Sauce”

I’ve been craving fish tacos since the weekend… I’ll admit, I did grab some Bdubs takeout last Friday and dove into the fish tacos and they weren’t half bad. But I knew I wanted to make my own sometime this week — and today was the day! There are very few places that I actually enjoy fish tacos from. Hmm.. where are my favorites? Sagebrush ranks #1 and Lou & Harry’s ranks #2 (when they have fish in stock… which is very rarely). I love when the cod is breaded but I never do that when I’m making them in my kitchen. Eh, must be my healthy conscious that prevents me from wanting to deep fry anything, actually.The recipe I went off of, well, got inspired from was this Biggest Loser Fish Taco recipe. Being me, I of course deviated from this and put a little bit of my own flare. Instead of tacos, I made burritos!

Go-To Salad & Last Night’s Dinner

I’ve been on a health kick for the past few weeks with a routine when it comes to breakfast and lunch! My eating habits are pretty regular throughout the week. It’s usually eggs for breakfast and a salad for lunch – usually a mix of spinach and romaine. To switch it up a bit, I found this recipe for a carrot and cabbage detox salad that I just had to try!

Detroit Zoo: Wild Lights

This past Friday, my boyfriend and I went to the Detroit Zoo Wild Lights! It was our first time and will not be our last…$22 well spent. Not only did we get to see 5 million+ lights, but we did so sipping on some hot chocolate with a shot of coffee liquor & peppermint schnapps (zoo trip for adults, hehe). There were also s’more stations that we didn’t stop at but should have! So many happy couples, children and friends filled the place. I managed to get some adorable snapshots of the light displays including my favorite giraffes, ice carvings and cutesy couple pictures!