Year: 2015

Creamy Lasagna Soup

Creamy Lasagna Soup

Sometimes you’re just over the entire day, and all you really want to do is go home and indulge; am I right? I’ve been getting that feeling a lot lately. I’ve also been eating a lot of pasta lately, too! So, Lasagna isn’t really one of my go-tos… not really a favorite of mine. But this creamy lasagna soup seriously hit it out of the ball park! I don’t think I’ll ever make layered lasagna ever again. But really…

Cajun Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Chicken with Asiago Cream Sauce

Cajun Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Chicken In Asiago Cream Sauce

Wow, first let me say that I sincerely apologize for being M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks! Seriously though, the holidays have been in and out and back in again like crazy. Post Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin, brother and I rampaged out and about to get some Black Friday steals… and I’m pretty happy with my purchases! Since then, I’ve been spending like crazy for the upcoming holiday season. But even more, I’ve been running around like a little elf and wrapping presents like I have my own workshop. Luckily, I’ve still had some time to make a delicious meal.

Apple Herb Bread Pudding

Apple Herb Bread Pudding

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays of the year – literally top three! I mean, who doesn’t love spending time with family, loved ones and… lots of food. And as much as I love shopping, the whole Black Friday starting as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving day is NOT something I approve. It just takes away from the true meaning of the holiday, and has everyone preoccupied on the wrong things. Mini rant over. A couple weeks ago, I was watching the Food Network (best channel ever) and just so happens it was A Barefoot Thanksgiving with Ina Garten and Bobby Flay! Can you imagine the feast you’d indulge in having those two at your dinner party?

Fall Appeal

I’m a huge lover of all things fall – from the weather to the layering style, don’t get me wrong – but why is it that we barely get to hang on to that before the harsh cold winds and snow comes our way? At least that’s how it is in Michigan. The view from my balcony once was full, colorful and lively trees… and now they’re just bare. And I swear, it happened all within a couple of weeks. That officially means that it is chilly enough for jackets and scarves, and what not (which I’m fine with). It’s when the parkas and snow boots are required that frighten me. This look I have on here is one of my favorites! From the black and white to pintuck details, this outfit emits a romantic, yet professional, femininity. And, a perfect everyday look for fall. Work appropriate? Yes. Happy hour worthy? Yes. These pieces work nicely together, and really embody my style. 

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

Color-coding, sticky tabs, scheduled appointments, and written notes are all things you should not say no to! I take my planner seriously – really, it’s like a bible to me. You should see my calendar… With all of the standard planners out there to help keep my life in line, none of them seem to really get me. I know what you’re saying, how is a planner suppose to get you? Well, there’s many aspects in my life that I like to keep track of – and balance. And then out of nowhere the Refresh Weekly Planner falls into my lap (or, into my mailbox in this case). Beautifully wrapped, I might add!

Veggie Quinoa Bake

So, you know what happened today? It snowed. Okay, light drizzle of snow or sleet – but I’m still considering it snow. WHY? Does that mean that winter is upon us? Not a happy camper over here… The other day I made this super warm, comforting and yummy veggie quinoa bake that just hunkered in my stomach like my body is with blankets right now! With the week I’ve had, a super easy casserole dish was on the top of my list. A colorful dish is always my favorite dish because that means it’s loaded with veggies (my favorite). And, green is totally the way to go!

Crab Chowder

This weekend took a toll on my body – from food to festivities! Yeah… pizza, jalapeño poppers, hash browns, and ice cream – among many others! That said, I truly had a lazy Sunday filled with a lot of lounging around and cooking up a nice blend of flavors in the kitchen. But instead of slaving away all day, I went with one of my favorite Sunday bites: soup.

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

Soo… 70 degrees in November? I’ll take it! It’s like the California sunshine came back to Michigan with me. If only it was a permanent kind of thing. If I could have warm weather year round, I would be the happiest thing ever (you know, those endorphins and all… and that wicked tan). While I was out west, all of my outfits were tailored to the occasion of each day! I had my airport look, rehearsal dinner look, beach look, wedding look, nightlife look and dressed-up-casual-tour-the-west-coast look. 

Photo Diary: SoCal Love

Photo Diary: SoCal Love

The past few days were filled with nothing but relaxation. I’ve been waiting for this trip to California since my last little adventure to San Fran in May. I used my minimalistic packing skills and managed to get EVERYTHING tucked away into one small carryon duffle bag, with electronics and such in my personal bag. But why did it still feel like 100 pounds!? My shoulders got a work out, that’s for sure. After 14 hours spent on a plane and 4 nights lodged right off the boardwalk strip in southern California, I’ve returned to the mitten’s sub-par temperatures. Is it too soon to say that I already miss the sandy beaches and fresh ocean water?

Black Bean Burger

Did you know that I gave up red meat? Yep, a new thing I’m trying. It’s not that hard because I really don’t eat it much in the first place; and burgers I’m usually a turkey gal. But to be honest, veggie burgers of any sort are actually my favorite! Some people don’t like them because of the texture – that’s actually what I really like about them.