Month: April 2015

Spicy Black Bean Burgers

I’d like a burger please, but hold the meat! Wait, what? Yeah, you heard that right. Every so often — okay, maybe more than just often — I crave a really good veggie burger! Tonight, I decided to take a chance on making homemade black bean burgers and kudos to me for trying because they were so ohhhh my gawddd delicious! By the looks of it, it can totally pass off as a meaty burger to me.

April Glam Bag: Beautifully Bohemian

It’s here, it’s finally here! My very first Ipsy glam bag came wrapped in soft, metallic pink packaging. After hearing everyone rave about their glam bags, I just had to try it for myself. I will admit, Ipsy made a very good first impression! Is it silly to say that I was most excited for the bag itself?! I’m heading to San Francisco next week and this will totally come in handy. The ‘beautifully bohemian’ theme this month is right up my alley. What a fabulous introductory bag to start off with!

Oven Roasted Cauliflower

Whenever I ask anyone if they are a fan of cauliflower, I always seem to get the stink eye. But, why?! I, personally, love it — along with pretty much any vegetable out there. Cauliflower doesn’t have to be bland… there’s more ways to eat it than raw or steamed. You might have seen a preview of this oven roasted cauliflower paired with my buffalo chicken zucchini boats, and now I’m going to tell you just how easy this was to make! My boyfriend, who usually doesn’t care for cauliflower, totally enjoyed this!

New Blog Facelift & A Comfy Weekend Look

Who’s ready for the weekend? I sure am. As you can see, Eat Primp Love has received yet another face lift! I finally went with my gut and switched over to a new blogging platform; with it, I spent some hard time customizing an awesome new layout AND front page for you to enjoy. Granted, I still have some tweaking to do since the merge over wasn’t as seamless as I would have hoped! I was going for a magazine-esque feel… are you feelin’ the vibe? Thank you all for being so patient with me… I know there was a little glitch in reaching my site during the ‘mapping phase’ but looks like we’re in the clear now! Now you know why I’ve been a tad bit slower with my posts — don’t worry, I haven’t been neglecting my kitchen or my wardrobe lately. Speaking of wardrobe, check out this comfy weekend look I threw together for my busy weekend of rest, relaxation and a whole lot of blog work!

Smile for the Camera: Nikon D3300 DSLR

Just recently, I decided to treat myself (again) to a gift that will help capture the beautiful moments in life. I’ve been wanting a DSLR for quite some time, and finally took the plunge and invested in a new Nikon D3300 DSLR. Yes, my bank account did take a hard hit, especially from my recent MacBook Air purchase and all of my wardrobe must-haves. But, I’d say this one was definitely worth it.

Food For Thought: The Limitless Boundaries In Life

I see life as an infinite hike through the woods. Technically, there is no declared beginning or end to it, and you really discover yourself along the way. What techniques and strengths do you possess that will help you survive, and what can you learn and adapt to in order to make the journey worthwhile, or, well, a tad bit easier? These questions may take days, weeks or even years to answer; heck, maybe it’s a trick question and won’t get answered at all. It’s certainly different for every individual. The boundaries in life are limitless, just like the opportunities.

Honey Lemon Asparagus Chicken

Spring is totally in the air, I can smell it from here! Wait, or is it the delicious scent of Honey Lemon Asparagus Chicken coming from my kitchen? Same thing 🙂 I’ve had a bunch of asparagus sitting in my veggie drawer this past week and loads of curiosity looming in my mind about what to do with it.In no time, this sweet, spicy tart dish was on the table in under 30 minutes… and gobbled up in about five!

Spaghetti Squash Eggplant Scampi

Pasta is a passionate food — so much heart, love… and carbs. It isn’t everyday that I’d be down for carb loading, but the sudden craving for pasta makes me think otherwise. But, I always tell myself “don’t give in!” So how do I indulge in a plate filled with oodles of noodles without the guilt? Substituting a vegetable, of course. Let me just say, this spaghetti squash eggplant scampi is on point! I’ve been trying to do a lot of carb-veggie subbing lately which is why I was so excited to create this flavorful, healthy dish. Never thought diggin’ into a plate full of fresh veggies could feel so satisfying, did ya?

Chopped Kale Salad

If you know me, then you know I’m a meal planner and avid ‘salad for lunch’ eater. To avoid the blah taste of the same thing every week, I generally like to switch it up a bit! One week it’s romaine and cabbage, and the next it might be spinach or arugula. Well, this week I went with a Chopped Kale Salad that has become my all-tine favorite! My boyfriend initially didn’t care for the kale in one salad that I made but he totally approves when it’s prepared this way, and says it definitely makes it edible… ha, he sure does have a sense of humor!  It almost reminds me of tabbouleh, but with kale!