Month: October 2015

Photo Diary: SoCal Love

Photo Diary: SoCal Love

The past few days were filled with nothing but relaxation. I’ve been waiting for this trip to California since my last little adventure to San Fran in May. I used my minimalistic packing skills and managed to get EVERYTHING tucked away into one small carryon duffle bag, with electronics and such in my personal bag. But why did it still feel like 100 pounds!? My shoulders got a work out, that’s for sure. After 14 hours spent on a plane and 4 nights lodged right off the boardwalk strip in southern California, I’ve returned to the mitten’s sub-par temperatures. Is it too soon to say that I already miss the sandy beaches and fresh ocean water?

Black Bean Burger

Did you know that I gave up red meat? Yep, a new thing I’m trying. It’s not that hard because I really don’t eat it much in the first place; and burgers I’m usually a turkey gal. But to be honest, veggie burgers of any sort are actually my favorite! Some people don’t like them because of the texture – that’s actually what I really like about them. 

A Touch of Fall: Cardis, Boots and Scarves

It’s surreal that in two weeks I’ll be hopping on a plane to California to attend a wedding (so excited) and reintroducing the warmth and sunshine into my life… only for a few days, though! In the meantime, I’ll keep my shorts and tanks set aside for packing and whip out my scarves and cardigans for now. This outfit is so on point for fall: cozy cardi + riding boots = the perfect combo.

Sweater Weather & Cider Daze

Wow, this weekend’s weather has taken a turn… hasn’t it? It’s officially boot season, and sweater weather for that matter. The spices, the colors, the flavors and the fashion pieces are all coming to life. My weekend was filled with a little brunching, and a whole lot of cider daze. Seriously, there’s nothing like a warm donut and a hot cup of cider on a chilly day. So, it only made sense to head to the nearest cider mill: Yates!

Pumpkin Banana Muffins

Pumpkin Banana Muffins

Happy October, everyone! Seriously, how are we already three-quarters into the year? I have a confession to make… I still haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte yet. Eeeek, around this time last year I was sipping on one every day and buying everything pumpkin off the shelves. I made sure to grab cans and cans of pumpkin while at the grocery store earlier this week. Every aspect of fall (and fall flavors) excites me! And, don’t even get me started on the cider mill…. fingers crossed it makes the agenda this weekend.