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A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

Soo… 70 degrees in November? I’ll take it! It’s like the California sunshine came back to Michigan with me. If only it was a permanent kind of thing. If I could have warm weather year round, I would be the happiest thing ever (you know, those endorphins and all… and that wicked tan).

While I was out west, all of my outfits were tailored to the occasion of each day! I had my airport look, rehearsal dinner look, beach look, wedding look, nightlife look and dressed-up-casual-tour-the-west-coast look. 

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

It was the perfect ‘last hoorah’ outfit for cruising down the west coast.

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

And, it’s not as overcomplicated as it sounds, trust me! It’s a clever mix of my favorite high-waisted and crop top look with a sophisticated flare. An on-trend must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe needs to be a long sleeveless vest! If you don’t already have one, get one now. It adds instant class to any outfit… and it’s just fun!

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

This one I have on is from Kora Rae. Believe it or not, this was my first time actually wearing it! It’s super high quality and classy as ever. It can even double up as a crazy sexy cool dress!

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

With my everyday lifestyle, though, it works better as a layer.

My shorts are clearly packed away now, but this long vest pairs nicely with dark denim and plaid for a western look, or a chunky sweater and leggings if you’re trying to stay cozy. Super versatile and well worth the investment. How do you style your vest?

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

top: express // bottom: pitaya // vest: kora rae // shoes: vince camuto

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