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Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

Color-coding, sticky tabs, scheduled appointments, and written notes are all things you should not say no to! I take my planner seriously – really, it’s like a bible to me. You should see my calendar… With all of the standard planners out there to help keep my life in line, none of them seem to really get me. I know what you’re saying, how is a planner suppose to get you? Well, there’s many aspects in my life that I like to keep track of – and balance.

And then out of nowhere the Refresh Weekly Planner falls into my lap (or, into my mailbox in this case). Beautifully wrapped, I might add!

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day
Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

I follow the creative artist behind J.Lynn Designery and saw that she had created her very own set of weekly planners! Intrigued by the aesthetics and overall concept of her design, I looked a little more into it.

To my surprise, it had just about everything that I could need, from monthly to weekly views and lined paper for notes. Plus, the pastel colored tabs, fun designs and inspirational quotes throughout made it feel so… like me.

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

That isn’t even the best part about it! I had the option to totally customize the second half of my planner with two add-ons to fit my very own lifestyle as a blogger and foodie, aside from my 9-to-5 day job for which the first half of the planner accommodates to. I use to have documents on my computer or notes and ideas doodled in a notebook – and now I’ll be able to consolidate EVERYTHING in one.

So thankful that this planner prioritizes both blogging and meal planning because it all honesty, both are not easy nor mindless things to do! It takes a lot of time and planning to get each blog post just right, to organize your ideas, to plan each week’s meals; let alone making a shopping list.

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day
Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

The back cover even has a small pocket for little odds and ends! How lovely to find a planner that truly resonates with me and reflects my unique lifestyle. It’s an understatement to say how excited I am to start planning for 2016!

You can get your very own at J.Lynn Designery’s Etsy shop. Happy planning, all!

Clear Your Mind and Plan Your Day

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