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Looking Back & Moving Forward

As I sit here on my plush couch in the middle of the night, I’m simply reflecting on all of the occurrences in 2015. From exciting vacations to big investments and a new living space, it’s been one heck of a ride.

Even in the past month, I’ve made a handful of close friends that I see standing by my side long into the future, reconnected with my forever friends…

…celebrated the holidays with my family (the only con was the five pounds I gained, but the food was all worth it)…

And to top it off, I rung in the new year with a fabulous group of people, had a spectacular midnight kiss from the one I love most, and found the perfect dress for the event (yes, that is a biggie for me…hehe).

Seven of us crammed into one hotel with a night of unlimited drinks… we definitely did it right and the JW Marriott in Chicago hasn’t seen the last of us!

dress: guess // pumps: enzo angiolini // flats: topshop // lips: l'oreal (zoe)

 So now that a new year is officially in play, how will I make this one even better than the last? For 2016, I thought I’d make my “resolutions” less of an intent and more of a self-commitment to improving in all aspects of my life.

These commitments hone in on the mind, body and soul.

Looking Back & Moving Forward

In 2015, I found myself purchasing a handful of books here and there. The only problem was I never really got around to reading them. Sure, my collection increased but that’s about it. Books are the epitome of creativity. Not everyone is a storyteller, and authors fortunately have an amazing gift to translate ideas into imaginative words.

I figure reading one book a quarter is totally feasible. And hey, I already have some books lined up for reading!

Realistically though, if I don’t schedule myself to do this or get on a routine to open a book every night, it probably won’t happen. I’m such an organized calendar type of girl to keep me on track which is why I invested in a top-notch custom made planner to fit to my lifestyle! J. Lynn Designery creates custom bound weekly planners with additional options for add ins – I opted for a blogging AND meal planner, how fitting. You can read more about it here.

Looking Back & Moving Forward

Since this planner will be my new bible, it will give me more time to explore my hidden passions and coordinate my time accordingly. As you can see from my blog, my love for food, fashion and lifestyle are evident; and I’d love to dig deeper in these spheres a bit more in my spare time – I’m just as much of an explorer as you are!

But it isn’t just my mind I’m working on, my body too..

Looking Back & Moving Forward

Fitness and nutrition are two very important things in my life; those which I’d like to keep top of line! I snagged myself a NutriBullet RX on Black Friday and it has been such a life changer. I’ve been guzzling down green smoothies every morning and couldn’t imagine my days without them. As if I’m not consuming enough greens already, I want ensure that this healthy habit sticks with me moving forward.

Back in my freshman year of college, even though I wasn’t eating as healthy as I wished (drinking my calories, more so), I had the motivation to get my butt to the gym at 6am and again at 6pm – heck, I was a regular at MSU’s IM West!

This is a habit I’m hoping to incorporate back into my daily routine in 2016 whether it’s twice a day at the gym, or one session being hot yoga (something I fell in love with after my first). Hot yoga is such a body cleansing, sweat dripping, and invigorating practice. I mean, for those 90 minutes my entire mind is clear and the only thing I’m focused on is my breath.

Not only is it good for the body, it soothes the soul.

Looking Back & Moving Forward

Other soulful acts that are not only beneficial to my soul but others as well are those that impact the community. This year, I’d like to get more involved with causes and initiatives that are close to my heart and that I’m passionate for. From feeding the homeless to donating to fresh water initiatives, I truly believe that every little bit counts.

Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate we are, and I say that from personal experience. I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a steady career and income; a loving family and an amazing boyfriend, and a life filled with amazing people.

Take five minutes right now to reflect on things you are thankful for you in your life… now, do that everyday for the next 365 days 🙂 Life is good – cherish it, embrace it, and live it.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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