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Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Closed corners. Open space. Rustic. Chic. Industrial. Modern. Contemporary. Minimalistic. Intricate. Shall I go on?

The inventiveness of words and ideas has something to do with how our environments influence our creative nature and thought process. At least, for me this is true! How many times have you tried to craft a blog post, journal entry, article, chapter or even writing assignment yet have failed to get anything more than the title down? Plenty.

In high school, I’d find myself sprawling all of my books across the kitchen table or in a crescent shape on the living room floor. In college, I’d find myself at the nearest Tim Horton’s or locked up in the main library. Today, I find myself writing this post (among many others) at my small writing desk in my home office nook.

Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Creativity and ideas tend to extract best when in the right environment. That’s not to say the really good stuff isn’t generated in the most unconventional settings (i.e. the comforts of your bed, the suds in your bathtub, or while running fast-paced on the treadmill),  because generally they are. And, it’s not uncommon that these are the prime places and situations where ideation begins.

I recently revamped my home office space to reflect a more “creative space” and to increase the likelihood of me sitting down and getting my thoughts out. Yep, I’ve traded in the cozy couch for a fruitful area.

Small nodes of inspiration and organization is all it really takes to set up a creative space. Forget the papers and reduce the clutter – only keep the necessities within arms reach and in plain sight. My actual working space is down to a minimum which not only encourages me to keep only what I need on my desk, but it helps me focus on one thing at a time. So, what are you likely to see on my end? Well, the essentials include:

  1. Small decorative accents
  2. Nifty space-saving shelves and storage
  3. A secondary monitor (I swear, this is so necessary)
  4. A designated planner and/or journal
  5. An open mind

Creative Spaces & Open Minds

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your space started – the secret is to get creative with it and envision what type of environment you’re trying to create. Or, channel your favorite persona. If all else fails and you’re drawing a blank, brainstorm with Pinterest. Drawing inspiration from others helps you use your own imagination in different ways.

Your creative space will change over time, as will your taste and preference. Be open to change and let your creative juices flow.


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