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Veggie Frittatas & Red Potato Zucchini Hash

Is daylight savings time getting the best of you? I woke up this morning not knowing if it was time for breakfast or lunch, so I went halfway and did a little brunching instead! I haven’t had time to run to the store yet so I peeked into the fridge to see what ingredients were available. Sure enough, a few veggies, an avocado and 3 eggs — how will I make a brunch for 2 with such few items? Anything is possible. My boyfriend was spoiled today because I made him brunch in bed; best girlfriend ever!

Poached Egg atop Avocado with Jalapeno Sauce

I love brunch. It’s that great in between meal that is light yet satisfying — perfect for a post-workout meal on the weekends. Following the gym today, I found myself standing in the kitchen pondering on what to refuel my body with. Of course, the obvious came to mind: eggs. Forgot the standard scrambled, hard-boiled or sunny-side up egg — let’s poach it instead! I still had an avocado on hand, an abundance of jalapenos and a giant up plain Greek yogurt… oooh, the creative juices were flowing.

Fluffy Berry-Swirled Pancakes

Typically, I’m not a big pancake person. I’m usually making them for my boyfriend on occasion for brunch. Given that today is Super Bowl Sunday, I think it’d be considered one of those occasions (yes, best girlfriend award). Every time I make pancakes, I try REALLY hard to get them super fluffy. Upon trial-and-error, by golly, I think I’ve finally got it!To mix it up a bit, I bought some fresh berries from the grocery store yesterday that I figured would be a great addition. I had some dark chocolate chips on hand too but this seemed to be the healthier option. Are you itching your head to why I have dark chocolate chips on hand? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then yes, there’s a sweet treat coming up this week… you’ll have to stay tuned!

Good Eats: Clean, Hot & Comforting

I woke up this morning feeling fabulous! Of course, started my day off at the gym & was very proud to see the numbers on the scale… I had officially reached my goal weight. Woo! I had been tracking my progress with my app-synced scale at home but for some reason it was giving me two different numbers today… so I needed a second reading. To reward myself, I thought another fantastic avocado brunch was necessary. My boyfriend had gone grocery shopping yesterday and picked up a carton of eggs, and I still had a little bit of quinoa mixture in the fridge. Behold, baked avocados two ways!

Tall Stack of Pancakes

Order’s up! A big, fluffy, ooey gooey plate of goodness… yep, a tall stack of homemade pancakes dusted with cinnamon and drenched in our little friend Mrs. Butterworths. I’ve never been a fan of flapjack or Bisquick or any of those boxed pancake mixes. Actually, I’m not a big pancake girl myself… but my boyfriend is! This morning, I decided to whip up a tall stack for my love and turned it into breakfast in bed. (Best girlfriend award). What guy wouldn’t want this on Football Sunday? Haha, yeah, that’s what I thought!