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Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Closed corners. Open space. Rustic. Chic. Industrial. Modern. Contemporary. Minimalistic. Intricate. Shall I go on? The inventiveness of words and ideas has something to do with how our environments influence our creative nature and thought process. At least, for me this is true! How many times have you tried to craft a blog post, journal entry, article, chapter or even writing assignment yet have failed to get anything more than the title down? Plenty.

10 Decor Items For Your Home

When I first moved in to my apartment, I was on a decor shopping spree! Whether it was a vase, mirror or painting, I couldn’t control myself from swiping my credit card. First home problems… well, first post-college home problem, is more like it. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll be once I move into my first house.Whether or not you’re an avid shopper at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, they have an awesome selection of whimsical decor worth perusing through! I enjoy the home goods just as much as I appreciate the clothing.If you’re in the mood to spruce up your home with more than the occasional knick-knack, check out these 10 decor items for your home.