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An Outfit to Brighten Your Rainy Days

When you can’t wish away the rain, you should dress for the occasion instead. Detroit has seen its fair share of rain and cold lately, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement a spring season mindset when it comes to your clothes. Choose something fun, bright, and cheerful – the opposite of the dreary, wet days ahead and you’ll be looking forward to the sounds of raindrops outside your window.

Fall Appeal

I’m a huge lover of all things fall – from the weather to the layering style, don’t get me wrong – but why is it that we barely get to hang on to that before the harsh cold winds and snow comes our way? At least that’s how it is in Michigan. The view from my balcony once was full, colorful and lively trees… and now they’re just bare. And I swear, it happened all within a couple of weeks. That officially means that it is chilly enough for jackets and scarves, and what not (which I’m fine with). It’s when the parkas and snow boots are required that frighten me. This look I have on here is one of my favorites! From the black and white to pintuck details, this outfit emits a romantic, yet professional, femininity. And, a perfect everyday look for fall. Work appropriate? Yes. Happy hour worthy? Yes. These pieces work nicely together, and really embody my style. 

A Crazy Sexy Cool Kind of Style

Soo… 70 degrees in November? I’ll take it! It’s like the California sunshine came back to Michigan with me. If only it was a permanent kind of thing. If I could have warm weather year round, I would be the happiest thing ever (you know, those endorphins and all… and that wicked tan). While I was out west, all of my outfits were tailored to the occasion of each day! I had my airport look, rehearsal dinner look, beach look, wedding look, nightlife look and dressed-up-casual-tour-the-west-coast look. 

A Touch of Fall: Cardis, Boots and Scarves

It’s surreal that in two weeks I’ll be hopping on a plane to California to attend a wedding (so excited) and reintroducing the warmth and sunshine into my life… only for a few days, though! In the meantime, I’ll keep my shorts and tanks set aside for packing and whip out my scarves and cardigans for now. This outfit is so on point for fall: cozy cardi + riding boots = the perfect combo.