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Tofu Taco Salad

Tofu Taco Salad

Last weekend, I had a birthday party on my agenda. Not for anyone my age, but a little princess that turned one! Aside from the sweet treats all over the place (that I literally indulged in after… why are cake pops the best things ever?!), there was taco salad to munch on. It’s been a while since I’ve had it and I totally forgot how much I’ve missed it. Since I vow for one meatless meal a week, I thought this would be the perfect dish to mix it up a bit. You know, sub a little tofu for ground beef? And it’s a plus when my boyfriend totally digs it too!

Spicy Chicken Fajita Skillet

I love fajitas – they’re definitely one of my go-tos when I’m out at a Mexican restaurant. I mean, really good fajitas. Fresh veggies, flavorful chicken and… you know. But, what ultimately makes a good fajita great? Spice, and lots of it! I’m convinced that my taste buds are on another level where they simply cannot detect if something is hot vs mild, which means I am not the person to ask if a dish is “too spicy” or not. Sorry babe. A couple months ago, I invested in a cast iron skillet. Ideally it was for one specific recipe, but in reality it’s an essential kitchen piece. The best part about it is the versatility and convenience of going straight from the stove top to the oven – and that’s what this Spicy Chicken Fajita Skillet is all about! 

Creamy Mushroom Alfredo

Creamy Mushroom Alfredo

I don’t know about you, but creamy + any type of pasta is an absolute indulgence on a frigid cold night. The temperatures have been climbing down the ladder lately, and it leaves me wanting to curl up in a pile of blankets… and do nothing. Unfortunately, it’s back to reality! The past two days have been moving in slow motion so the last thing I wanted to do was slave away in the kitchen. Luckily, this Creamy Mushroom Alfredo comes together pretty quickly; and effortlessly, I might add.

Cajun Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Chicken with Asiago Cream Sauce

Cajun Sundried Tomato & Mushroom Chicken In Asiago Cream Sauce

Wow, first let me say that I sincerely apologize for being M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks! Seriously though, the holidays have been in and out and back in again like crazy. Post Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin, brother and I rampaged out and about to get some Black Friday steals… and I’m pretty happy with my purchases! Since then, I’ve been spending like crazy for the upcoming holiday season. But even more, I’ve been running around like a little elf and wrapping presents like I have my own workshop. Luckily, I’ve still had some time to make a delicious meal.

Veggie Quinoa Bake

So, you know what happened today? It snowed. Okay, light drizzle of snow or sleet – but I’m still considering it snow. WHY? Does that mean that winter is upon us? Not a happy camper over here… The other day I made this super warm, comforting and yummy veggie quinoa bake that just hunkered in my stomach like my body is with blankets right now! With the week I’ve had, a super easy casserole dish was on the top of my list. A colorful dish is always my favorite dish because that means it’s loaded with veggies (my favorite). And, green is totally the way to go!

Black Bean Burger

Did you know that I gave up red meat? Yep, a new thing I’m trying. It’s not that hard because I really don’t eat it much in the first place; and burgers I’m usually a turkey gal. But to be honest, veggie burgers of any sort are actually my favorite! Some people don’t like them because of the texture – that’s actually what I really like about them. 

Puff Pastry Pizza

Who said puff pastry was a dessert thing? Forget your typical pizza crust and opt for this instead for a light, flaky, indulgent crust! A couple weeks ago, I stopped in for lunch at Peppino’s in East Lansing with my boyfriend. I swear, BEST. PIZZA. EVER. You might have seen on my Instagram that delicious BBQ chicken pizza. So glad I don’t live there anymore – I’d blow up like a balloon. Anyway, pizza has been on my mind since. And the question is: red sauce or green? I opted for both 🙂

Chicken Avocado Linguine

Looking for a quick and easy dinner that will be on the table in less than 25 minutes? It’s possible! I was on a mission one night reorganizing my entire closet in order to maximize my closet space. Little did I know that it was going on 8pm! I was in a time crunch and had to get something on the table, ASAP! Okay, so near the end of the week, my fridge is diminishing in ingredients so I had to a) be creative & b) act fast. 1 avocado… a bag of chicken… some leftover grape tomatoes… and pasta. Hmm… Chicken avocado linguine with roasted grape tomatoes? Sounds like a plan.

Baked Crispy Coconut Chicken

On the last night before I take off to San Francisco for 6 days, I thought I’d fix up a tasty dinner for my boyfriend to remember me by while I’m gone! Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to work with. Sometimes, just sometimes, that’s the best scenario — scrounging the cupboards for potential ingredients, I found a bag of coconut flakes from when I made coconut shrimp. Coconut… chicken… DING DING DING… we have a winner!