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Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Creative Spaces & Open Minds

Closed corners. Open space. Rustic. Chic. Industrial. Modern. Contemporary. Minimalistic. Intricate. Shall I go on? The inventiveness of words and ideas has something to do with how our environments influence our creative nature and thought process. At least, for me this is true! How many times have you tried to craft a blog post, journal entry, article, chapter or even writing assignment yet have failed to get anything more than the title down? Plenty.

How To Be A Multi-Tasking Blogger

Have you ever had such a busy week that it all seems like a blur? I have. When there are so many priorities, obligations, wants and needs on my plate; I tell myself there is a solution for all of it! Some of you may know, I’m a girl of many hats – it’s by choice. Let me give you a little background as to what I do…